The Obersalzberg, the Eagle´s Nest and Adolf Hitler Russian Edition


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Even 70 years after the end of the most destructive war of all time the public ‘s interest in the role Obersalzberg played during the 3rd Reich has remained the same both in Germany and abroad. In fact the number of publications on the subject has even increased. For this reason, on the occasion of the commemorative year 1995 – 50 years after the end of World War II – the Berchtesgadener Landesstiftung itself is publishing a booklet about the events that took place at Obersalzberg during that time.



The author of this work, Prof. Ernst Hanisch ofSalzburg Univer­ sity, is not only a historian but an expert on National Socialism.
lt was our aim to present the events without illusions and in an unbiased and balanced way. Obersalzberg was no mountain par­adise, no isle of oblivion far from the events of the world. Adolf Hitler lived here, a man whose unscrupulousness, craze for power and racial hatred led to war and destruction, as well as to the per­secution and killing of countless people. lt is here that decisions were made that sealed the fate of millions of human beings and that still carry their repercussions throughout the world.
The reader should always bear this in mind. Even 70 years can in no way alter the responsibility of those in power at the time. The events should never be forgotten!

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