Your Complete Guide to Berchtesgaden


David Harper – Your Complete Guide to Berchtesgaden
Eagle´s Nest, Bunkers, History and People, Points of Interest, Obersalzberg HQs, 32 Hikes


David Harper

Your Complete Guide to Berchtesgaden

A practical and informative guide designed to give you easy access to information about every aspect of visiting Berchtesgaden, from a 2-hour stopover to a 2-week vacation. 


  • The Eagle’s Nest and Hitler’s former headquarters on the mountain
  •  Self-guided tour of the Eagle’s Nest and the underground bunkers
  • Lake Königssee and the National Park: self-guided tour
    • Berchtesgaden’s Old Town: history and self-guided tour
    • Over 30 spectacular walks and hikes
    • The salt mines and other local sights
    • Sightseeing excursions starting from Berchtesgaden
    • Practical tips and maps

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