Berchtesgaden and its Attractions


The most beautiful shots of Berchtesgaden and its surroundings, photographed by Marika Hildebrandt. Brochure in A4 portrait format, 196 colour illustrations on 92 pages.


Spectacular mountain-peak panoramas, crystal-clear lakes and undisturbed nature – typical Berchtesgadener Alps. This book offers an insight into Ramsau – the mountaineering village, the communities of Schönau am Königsee, Marktschellenberg, Bischofswiesen and Berchtesgaden. Explore old customs and traditions characterised from and for this remarkable landscape with its many landmarks and attractions.
Marika Hildebrandt, the multiple award-winning local photographer, brings the unmatched beauty in and around the Berchtesgaden Alpine National Park closer, evoked from her own personal perspective.

Marika Hildebrandt, Photograper
Taking pictures is one thing. Taking pictures and bringing them to life is the other. Marika Hildebrand masters both perfectly and even adds a third dimension. Due to her love for nature and the inspiration it gives, she moves as a silent observer and captures
the moment. Success at any price is not what she is looking for. But by combining coincidence with her brilliant powers of observation, she takes the decisive shot at the right time. Marika knows how to wait for the perfect opportunity and instinctively conveys unparalleled beauty and uniqueness to her pictures.

Also in german avaliable!

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Größe 210 × 297 × 0,453 cm


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